Through Hole

Despite the advances in surface mount technology (SMT), the requirement for conventional through hole and mixed technology PCB assembly still remains. Therefore at Connor Solutions, impressive investment in SMT is complemented by both automated through-hole placement equipment as well as hand insertion processes, offering customers additional flexibility.

Connor Solutions’ SMT placement capabilities include:

  • Universal sequencers, 1 x 80 station, 1 x 60 station
  • Universal Multimode IC Inserters
  • Universal Dual Head VCD Axial Inserter 6292A
  • Universal Single Head VCD Axial Inserter 6287
  • Universal RAD 5 2.5/5.0 Pitch Radial Inserter 6368
  • Universal RAD 8 2.5/5.0 Pitch Radial Inserter 6380 
IPC Member ISO9001-2000 Certified AS-9100 Certified ISO-13485 Certified